The Second World Congress of TIVA-TCI

Berlin 2009

  • City: Berlin, Germany.
  • Venue: Maritim Hotel, Berlin.
  • Dates: Thursday 23 April - Saturday 25 September 2009.
  • Delegates: A resounding success with 656 delegates from 65 different countries attending!



(A Letter from the President)
Dear friends:


The second World Congress of Total Intravenous Anaesthesia - TCI was recently held in Berlin on April 23 - 25, 2009 with 656 delegates from 65 countries.

Already, a month has passed since the Berlin meeting. The success of the meeting exceeded all our expectations and I think we can truly consider this to have been an exceptional Congress. Words cannot express my gratitude to those of you who gave so much of your time in the preparation for the Congress together with your fantastic input during the many presentations.


The number of e-mails I have received from registered participants have been surprising, all praising the scientific quality of the meeting. A worldwide movement has truly begun. I thank you all.

At the opening ceremony, Professor Steven Shafer (Columbia) awarded our inaugural "Innovator's Award" to Prof J. Shuttler and Prof H. Schwilden for their early work in the field of intravenous anaesthesia and target controlled infusions.


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